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Resources for online and regional students


If you're an online NIU student, you're not alone. You have resources and support to help you achieve your educational goals. Our staff is dedicated to making your online experience a success.

You are a Huskie and we're happy to have you as part of our pack!

If you have questions regarding NIU's Online or Regional courses, degrees or certificates, please contact Andrew Kopecky.

Andrew Kopecky
Credit Program Coordinator
(815) 753-8788

If you need help getting reacquainted with the academic world or identifying strategies to integrate studies with work and life responsibilities, please contact Mandy Wescott.

Mandy Wescott
Student Success Specialist
(815) 753-5891

If you need technical support with your online course technology or login, please contact the NIU Department of Information Technology (DoIT) Service Desk.

Service Desk 24/7/365
(815) 753-8100