OneCard Uses

Door Access

Exterior of Neptune HallFor security purposes, building doors around campus remain locked at certain times of day or at night. The security door reader is unlocked using a proximity chip embedded into your OneCard ID. After the doors lock, they can only be opened using a valid OneCard ID assigned with proper security door access. All residence halls deploy these door readers on exterior doors, while some halls use door readers for rooms, room-clusters and elevators. The use of door readers in academic and administrative buildings are also becoming more commonplace.

  • Residence hall occupants automatically have security door access set up by NIU Housing and Dining.
  • Security access to academic or administrative buiding's exterior doors, classrooms or labs is set up by Key Control. Contact your department for security access to be assigned.


If you are having issues with your OneCard ID not working, please visit our troubleshooting tips.
For more information regarding door access the residence halls, please contact Housing and Dining.



Victor E Huskie OneCard ID
Note:  For your OneCard ID to work with these door readers, it should be the same design as Victor E Huskie's OneCard ID to the left.