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Huskie Bucks

Opening the Account

Huskie Bucks is a pre-paid debit account that is opened with the university and accessed with OneCard ID. It may be opened in one of the following ways:

  • Students, Faculty and Staff: Open a Huskie Bucks account at any time by completing an Account Agreement Form and making a first time deposit with cash or check (made payable to NIU) at the OneCard ID Services Office. (A copy of the form is available in the office, or may be downloaded at: adobe acrobat Huskie Bucks Account Agreement (PDF)
  • Residence Hall Students: Students staying in the Residence Halls have the option of opening a Huskie Bucks account on their Dining Contract, when they are selecting a Meal Plan for the year. If the corresponding box is checked, Housing and Dining will open a Huskie Bucks account for the student and deposit $200.00 into it. This amount will then be billed to the student as part of the Housing and Dining charges. Please Note: When completing a contract for a full year, $200.00 will be added once at the beginning of the Fall semester and then once again at the beginning of the Spring semester. For more information contact Housing and Dining at (815) 753-1525.



Minimum Deposit: There is a minimum first-time deposit of $25.00. The initial deposit can be larger if desired.

Minimum Balance: There is no minimum balance required to maintain a Huskie Bucks account. However, as this is a debit account and not a credit account, the balance must not drop below $0.00.

Fees: There are no annual fees, over-limit charges or late payment fees with the Huskie Bucks Program. However, checks that are written to the university and are returned as non-sufficient funds are subject to a fee. Additionally, Huskie Bucks accounts become inactive after 12 months with no activity. An inactivity fee of $5 per month will be assessed until the account balance reaches zero, at which time it will be closed. For more information, see the last page of the PDF Document below.

For detailed information about the Huskie Bucks, please read our disclosure statement in the adobe acrobat Huskie Bucks Account Agreement (PDF). For questions or assistance, view our Contact Us page.