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Getting My OneCard ID

Orientation: OneCard ID Request

Sample Approved Photo ID
Sample Approved Photo ID
Sample Approved Photo ID
Sample Approved Photo ID
Sample Approved Photo ID
The photos provided on these OneCard IDs show what an approved photo may look like.

Students attending an orientation are able to stop by OneCard ID Services to have their picture taken and OneCard ID printed after checking out of orientation. If students decide not to get their OneCard ID during orientation, they are free to come back to OneCard ID Services at any time as long as they are enrolled for the upcoming or current semester.

Alternative Solution: Submit Your Photo Online

As an alternative to waiting in long lines at the OneCard ID Services office on orientation day, we now offer students the option of submitting their photo online. Our convenient OneCard ID Request Form (see steps below) allows students to submit their personal favorite snapshot without having to worry about taking an unflattering photo at the end of orientation. OneCard IDs will then be printed and made available for pickup immediately following orientation checkout. (PLEASE NOTE: Only the following dates have been scheduled at this time: January 8 & 9, 2015.)

Don't wait for your OneCard ID; Have your ID wait for you!

Photo Requirements

A submitted photo must be a clear, current photo of you, and only you, from the last 6 months. The image you submit should be no smaller than 350 pixels by 350 pixels in size. Be sure that your entire head is showing and you are looking directly into the camera. Your head and shoulders must be pointed directly at the camera; not angled or tilted in any way. We ask that you also include space around your head if resizing or cropping your photo is needed. OneCard ID Services will then either approve or deny the photo based off the requirements listed below. You will be contacted via your NIU student Z-ID email account regarding the status of your photo submission within two (2) business days. The email sent to you will include a link to MyITSForms so you can check the status of your request anytime. Once a photo is approved, OneCard ID Services will complete the request and your ID will be ready by your orientation date.

A photo submitted that includes any (or a combination) of the following examples listed below, will be denied immediately:

Any eyewear that blocks the view of your eyes
Any item or article of clothing that covers the top of your head
Photos must be straight-on and forward looking; your head cannot be tilted or angled
Photo of only you. No friends, family, pets, or phantom limbs allowed
Partial Heads
Your entire head must be showing; Do not cut off the top or sides.
Comical Facial Expressions Scenic Background
Plain light-colored background
Black & White
Your photo must be in color
Hands or Gestures
Hands should not be visible
Grainy Photos
Your photo must be of good quality, not grainy, blurry or pixelated

NIU OneCard ID Services reserves the right to refuse any photos that do not meet our requirements. Failure to adhere to photo submission guidelines is subject to appropriate University action as deemed necessary.

Steps to Access OneCard ID Request Form

Your photo can only be submitted online by using the steps below:

  • Access the OneCard ID Request Form
  • Log in with your student Z-ID and password
  • Select “Orientation OneCard ID Request" option
  • Follow the instructions on the form to upload your photo
    (You will be able to track the status of your request following your submission.)

    Should you receive a rejection of your photo, you will be notified via your NIU student Z-ID email account within two business days.