Information for Interested Merchants


Information for Interested Merchants

Welcome to the OneCard ID Services website! We are so pleased that you are interested in learning how to become a part of our Huskie Bucks Vendor Family.

Huskie Bucks is a pre-paid debit account that faculty, staff, and students of Northern Illinois University open and use for authorized purchases on and off campus. This account is accessed with the NIU OneCard ID.

Huskie Bucks are very popular with the NIU community. They are a nice supplement to the students’ meal plans, as they offer additional options to dining in the Residence Halls. Employees enjoy the convenience of being able to take advantage of a variety of eating establishments without the worry of always needing to carry cash.

So, if you represent a local food business that would like to become a part of a successful and ever expanding program, contact us today! We’d love to have you join us as our newest Huskie Bucks Vendor!

For detailed information on how to become a Huskie Bucks vendor, please contact BbOne at (800) 576-9279.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!