Program Descriptions

AppManTech Program

Earning your bachelor’s degree is straightforward.  There are three parts to this process, which can be completed in a sequence that works best for you.

A.  Complete, or be working towards completion of, a technology-oriented Associate of Applied Science degree at a community college.  Many AAS degrees are acceptable.  Visit our degree-completion guides page and select your local community college to see their approved AAS degrees.

You’ll be eligible for up to 43 semester’s hours of prior learning credit, awarded at the discretion of the NIU program advisor, in recognition of the technical expertise you gained when completing your AAS degree. You’ll also get approximately 16 hours of general education credit from your AAS degree.  Taken together, you will have 59 credits in your toolbox; you’re half way to your Bachelor’s degree.

B. Complete NIU’s General Education and BS-AMT prerequisites by taking course-equivalents at NIU or your community college.  The following chart provides an overview.  For more specific details, including specific courses you can take at your community college, visit our  degree-completion guides page.

Bachelor’s Foundation Courses:
Applied Manufacturing Technology
NIU Courses
General Education:
Core Competencies
English (6 Hrs) ENGL 103: Rhetoric and Composition I
ENGL 104: Rhetoric and Composition II
Communications (3 Hrs) COMS 100: Fundamentals of Oral Communication
Mathematics  (3 Hrs) MATH 155: Trigonometry and Elementary Functions*
General Education:
Distributive Studies
Humanities & The Arts (9 Hrs) Liberal Arts & Sciences: 2 Electives
Visual & Performing Arts: 1 Elective
Science & Mathematics (11 Hrs) CHEM 110 + CHEM 111: Chemistry w/Laboratory*
PHYS 150A: Physics w/Laboratory
STAT 208: Basic Statistics*
Social Science (6 Hrs) 2 Electives
Interdisciplinary (3 Hrs) 1 Elective
BS-AMT Prerequisites* Computer-Aided Design (3 Hrs) TECH 211: Computer-Aided Design*
Technical Writing (3 Hrs) ENGL 308: Technical Writing
   OR MGMT 346: Business Communication*

C.  Earn 30 Hours of Upper Division credit at NIU-DeKalb or completely online.

Required Technology Courses (24 semester hours)

  • TECH 391: Industrial Quality Control
  • TECH 404: Supervision in Industry
  • TECH 406: Facilities Management Technology
  • TECH 429: Plant Location, Layout & Materials Management
  • TECH 432: Disaster Preparedness
  • TECH 434: Human Factors in Industrial Accident Prevention
  • TECH 492: Manufacturing Distribution Applications
  • TECH 496: Industrial Project Management

2.  Technology Elective Courses - Two selected from the list below (6 semester hours)

  • TECH 305: Green Technologies
  • TECH 402: Industrial Training & Evaluation
  • TECH 435: Legal Aspects of Safety
  • TECH 442: Work Simplification & Measurement
  • TECH 444: Manufacturing Control Systems
  • TECH 484: Energy Management

In order to graduate from NIU, you’ll need to make sure you’ve fulfilled the following requirements:

  • 120 semester hours of approved coursework (includes credits earned at community colleges
  • 40 hours of the approved 120 must come from upper-division coursework
  • Maintain a 2.0 accumulative GPA
  • Complete all general education requirements
  • Earn a minimum of 30 semester hours at NIU

Contact Stacey Deegan at or (815) 753-9943 to assess your coursework.