Program Descriptions

Academic Requirements

University Graduation and General Education Requirements

In addition to the specific BGS course requirements, all NIU students must meet NIU general education requirements and have a 120 total hours to graduate. BGS students will work closely with the BGS advisor to determine general education deficiencies.

The B.G.S. requires specific core courses and electives in health and human sciences providing foundation for leadership and management within health and human sevice fields.

BGS Core Courses (42)

AHRS 200* Disability in Society (3)
FCNS 280* Human Development, the Family, and Society (3)
IDSP 465 Issues in Gerontology (3)
IHHS 350 Critical Thinking for HHS Professions (3)
IHHS 450 Administration for Professionals in HHS (3)
PHHE 295*
or PHHE 206
Ecology of Health1
Contemporary Health Concepts (3)
PSYC 102* Introduction to Psychology (3
STAT 208* Basic Statistics (3)
UHHS 310 Introduction to HHS (3)
UHHS 410 Legal & Ethical Issues (3)
UHHS 430 Working with Diverse Populations in HHS (3)
UHHS 455 Resource Allocation in HHS (3)
UHHS 460 Introduction to Research in HHS (3)
UNIV 310

or TECH 432
Foundations in Homeland Security and
Disaster Preparedness (3)
Disaster Preparedness (3)

Core courses designated with an * also meets general education requirements and typically can be completed at a community college.

BGS Electives (8)
Selected in consultation with the BGS advisor and to be applicable to personal goals. May be met through transfer course work.

Proficiency Credits:

One of the unique features of program is the awarding of NIU proficiency credit for courses taken in the professional field. The number of proficiency hours to be awarded is determined on an individual basis by the College Curriculum Committee at the time of admission to the program and based on the professional credential of the applicant.

Based on previos committee reviews, professionals with both the applied science degrees and who hold a current license in the following fields, will be awarded the maximum 30 proficiency credits: Dental Hygiene, Radiologic Technology, Respiratory Care and Physical Therapy Assistant.