Bachelor of Science of Applied Management (BSAM)

10 Steps to the BSAM in Computer Science or Public Safety.

Step 1: Contact Cathy Cradduck email or at 815-753-5008 to join the Pathway database. You'll receive important updates and news about the degree programs, faculty, special events and tips.

Step 2: Contact the BSAM Academic Advisor, Colleen Barker by email or 815-753-0114 to review your college experiences. She'll help you determine how the BSAM fits into your goals and plans and suggest the best steps to take you more directly to your degree goal.

Step 3: You can start making progress to the BSAM by completing your AAS and/or  starting to take any general education courses you may need to meet NIU’s  degree requirements at your local community college.  You can do this at the same time you complete the next few steps…

While working on Step 3, begin Step 4!

Step 4: Apply to NIU for the BSAM program at or and click on Apply to NIU. 

Tip: Select transfer student, off-campus when completing the application. 
Why is this important? The off-campus designation means you will be taking your courses off NIU’s main campus and it tells the student information system that your application and admissions processing will be different.

Tip: Order official transcripts from every college you attended. Official transcripts can take several weeks (3-4 weeks is a general assumption) to arrive so do this ASAP! This is the address that transcripts should be sent to:  Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Northern Illinois University, 1425 W. Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, IL 60115-2828.

Step 3: No—this is not a typo!  It is just to get your attention. Remember: you can get started on the pathway to baccalaureate success by registering for general education courses needed for your BSAM degree. You can do this even before you complete the admission process at NIU.

Step 5:  Get connected to NIU!

(a) Set up your MyNIU account as soon as you can when you receive the information from NIU Admissions.
 Why is this important? MyNIU is where you will be able to see your student records such as the status of your application, your academic progress, which transcripts have arrived, what credits will be transferred in by NIU. 

(b) Activate your NIU email account. Once you have applied to NIU, you are assigned a Z-ID number and an email account that is your Z-ID followed by Your NIU email will receive official correspondence from the university, Blackboard, and your instructors. You may use this email as your primary email account. If you have another email, it is critical that you update your NIU student account to forward to your preferred account.

Why is this important? NIU, for legal as well as practical reasons, will only send official information to official student accounts; therefore it is your responsibility to be sure to check your email through the student account.

Tip: It is strongly recommended that you keep your official NIU email account as a key account that you use for university related emails. Many faculty and other university officials will respond only to mail from official NIU email accounts to maintain student privacy as mandated by law.

Step 6: Check your MyNIU frequently for a final admissions decision. Once you receive an admissions offer notification, you must confirm your plans to attend NIU by accepting admission under Student Center on the self-service site in MyNIU.

Step 7: Now contact Colleen Barker (you remember—the BSAM academic advisor who already discussed the program with you!) and tell her you are going to register for BSAM classes. She will need to lift the advising hold for you to register. She will also welcome you to NIU as an official Huskie!

Step 8: Your enrollment “appointment” will come via MyNIU.  The appointment signals that you are now eligible to register. On or after that time, you can register for the BSAM classes. BSAM classes can be found here. Select “course search” on the left red column and then click on the location you will be attending.  Write down the course info before going to My NIU.

Tip: Remember step 3? You may start on your gen ed requirements through your community college at any time. You might need to complete the process of being admitted or reactivated at the community college and you definitely need to register through their system for the general education courses you wish to take.

Step 9:  Evaluations of transferable credit will take time and will be posted on your MyNIU site as they are completed. If you have been speaking with Colleen Barker, the BSAM Advisor, and using the Articulation Handbook, you should have a good idea of which credits will transfer. You should still register for the NIU courses while the transfer evaluation is being done. Any questions or problems, feel free to contact Colleen!

Step 10: Financial aid questions or concerns? If you are already receiving financial aid, you need to contact the financial aid office at the college where you are degree-seeking during the semester. The colleges have processes to permit your financial aid to continue as you move into a baccalaureate completion program. Students needing to be full-time for financial aid or medical insurance purposes can accomplish this by combining NIU classes with the general education classes at the community colleges. For more information on financial aid, contact:

Northern Illinois University
Student Financial Aid Office