Academic Programs

Certificate Requirements

Students must achieve a minimum grade of C in each certificate course. Only NIU courses may be used for the certificate. Some courses may require prerequisites that are not part of the certificate curriculum.

The Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Geographic Information Systems requires two sets of courses.

  1. Three required core courses (nine semester hours) taken in the following sequence:
    GEOG 256: Maps and Mapping
    GEOG 359: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
    GEOG 459: Geographic Information Systems
  2. Six semester hours of course work from these options that emphasize practical experience through the use of GIS:
    GEOG 391E: Internship: Geographic Information Systems
    GEOG 455: Land-Use Planning
    GEOG 460: Remote Sensing of the Environment
    GEOG 464: Location Analysis OR OMIS 379: Business Applications of GIS
    GEOG 467: Workshop in Cartography/GIS
    GEOG 491: Undergraduate Research in Geography
    GEOG 493: Computer Methods and Modeling
    GEOG 498M: Seminar in Current Problems - Methodology and Techniques

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Admission Requirements

Apply to NIU at or contact Undergraduate Admissions at, (800) 892-3050.