Online, Blended, and Video Courses

Our online courses are designed for people needing flexibility while they earn a degree. Through the use of the lastest in instructional technology, students can access and complete assignments from home, the office, and the local coffee shop. But online does not mean impersonal: each course uses technology to offer the personal interaction many students need to succeed in class. This is typically done through online discussion, small group activities, blogging, or even utilizing standard online meeting times.

Blended courses at NIU combine the convenience of online delivery with the personal connection and support of some face to face classes. Face to face sessions help you acclimate yourself to the course, your professor and your peers. Face to face sessions are offered at our center locations, area community colleges, or in DeKalb. The remainder of the course is delivered online allowing you to work from your home on your own schedule.

Video conference courses allow students at multiple sites to see and hear each other and the instructor in real time. Often combined with online assignments, video courses reduce the distance students need to travel  to complete their programs while still maintaining face to face connections to their instructors and peers.

Most of our undergraduate degrees include online, blended, and video courses. Some examples are provided below and more are added each academic year:


Geographic Information Systems Entire certificate can be earned online
Health & Human Sciences  Some courses are online; some are blended
Liberal Arts & Sciences Some courses are online; some are blended
Nursing Most courses online
Technology Some courses online