Intro to OSHA Module

For All OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Courses

Effective immediately, ALL OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainers are required to incorporate the following OSHA-authorized two-hour "Introduction to OSHA" module into ALL OSHA 10- and 30- hour training.  Please note that all 10- and 30-hour cards are now required to spend 2 hours discussing this very important module. 

Included are the following:

Introduction to OSHA Instructor Guide

.pdf Format

Note:  For the test and answer key, please contact the National Safety Education Center at and list your trainer ID in the body of your email.  This test will only be distributed to current trainers authorized through the National Safety Education Center.  If you do not have current OSHA-authorization with NSEC, please contact your home Ed Center for the test.

NOTE:  OTI REQUIRES that each student receive the industry-specific version of each of the following handouts and that the activites contained herein are completed during the course of the class. Note: the following are the same handouts, just packaged differently.  Construction gets construction, GI gets GI, etc. 

.pdf of additional student handout packets merged as one unit.

.pdf of additional student handouts as a portfolio

The module can also be found at  This information will be discussed further and included in the next revision of the Outreach Training Program Guidelines scheduled for October 2010.