OSHA #7505 - Introduction to Accident [Incident] Investigation

Introduction to accident investigation provides an introduction to basic accident investigation procedures and describes accident analysis techniques. The goal of the course is to help participants gain the basic skills necessary to conduct an effective accident investigation at their workplace. The target audience is the small employer, manager, employee or employee representative who, as part of a firm's safety and health system, would be involved in conducting accident and/or near-miss investigations.

Course Benefits

  • Analyze accidents using proven techniques
  • Know your responsibilities in a workplace accident
  • Earn 1.4 CEU's

Course Topics

  • Accident investigation basics
  • The Six-Step Process
  • Preserve and document accident scenes
  • Collect facts through interviews
  • Develop sequence of events

  • Determine the cause
  • Develop recommendations
  • Report writing
  • Recordkeeping

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