OSHA #7415 - OSHA Construction Industry Requirements (Major Hazards and Prevention)

The goal of this course is to help federal employees recognize major construction industry hazards and discuss prevention strategies including the elements of safety and health management systems that employers should develop to eliminate or minimize workplace hazards. The Course focuses on major safety hazards, Focus Four, and major health hazards prevention strategies based on OSHA Standards and Guidelines.

Course Benefits

  • Identify major safety hazards, major health hazards
  • Review OSHA 29 CFR 1926 standards
  • Identify OHSA online and printed resources available that support construction industry safety
  • Earn 1.20 CEU's

Course Topics

  • Major Safety Hazards: Focus Four
  • Major Health Hazards
  • Prevention Strategies Based on OSHA Standards and Guidelines
  • Resources Available

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