OSHA #5600 - Four-Day Disaster Site Worker Trainer Course

The Disaster Site Worker Trainer Course prepares experienced trainers to present OSHA's 16-hour Disaster Site Worker Course. Trainers for this course need to be able to apply the elements of successful adult training programs, along with specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes to awareness training about safety and health standards at natural and man-made disaster sites. Trainers are given the opportunity to practice knowledge, skills, and attitudes through discussion, planned exercises, demonstrations, and presentations. Participants receive lesson plans and training materials for the Disaster Site Worker Course as well as information on training techniques and resources. Trainers will be expected to present a selected portion of the Disaster Site Worker Course and to use a "presentation evaluation" sheet to evaluate to other presenters.

This course allows the student to become a trainer in the Outreach Program and to conduct the 16-hour Disaster Site Worker Course and to issues cards to participants verifying course completion.


Prerequisites for OSHA #5600: 

Pre-requisites must be completed BEFORE registering for OSHA #5600. No exceptions. Please complete the Initial Trainer Course Prerequisite Form for verification. Upon verification, a course registration link will be provided.

Please note: Withdrawing from a course due to the participant's failure to meet course prerequisites will result in the participant being assessed a processing fee. Please check the course prerequisites carefully!


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