OSHA #2045 - Machinery and Machine Guarding Standards

This course familiarizes the student with various types of common machinery and the related safety standards. Guidance is provided on the hazards associated with various kinds of machinery and the control of hazardous energy sources (lockout/tagout). The course presents an approach to machinery inspection that enables participants to recognize hazards and to provide options to achieve abatement. These hazards include mechanical motions and actions created by points of operation and other machinery processes. Also included is hands-on training in the laboratories.

Course Benefits

  • Identify common machines and associated hazards found within a broad spectrum of industries
  • Identify hazards that occur around machinery
  • Recognize additional hazards common to abrasive wheels, power transmissions, mills, and calenders
  • Understand portable toll safeguarding
  • Select appropriate OSHA standards that apply to hazards
  • Recognize and present options to achieve abatement
  • Earn 2.6 CEU or 4.34 CM

Course Topics

  • Hazards and standards workshop
  • Review of machinery and machine guarding
  • Review of guarding and devices
  • Control of hazardous energy sources (lockout/tagout)
  • Electrical safety-related work practices

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