NFPA 70E - OSHA and You: Insight for Implementation

This course is for qualified employees or employees preparing to become qualified, and examines the NFPA 70E and OSHA electrical safety work practice standards required for the safety of all employees while working on or near electrical equipment.  The course is pragmatically based upon the hazards of electricity and explores the relationship of the standards requirements to specific electrical hazards. Engineering controls, including Lockout/Tagout as well as PPE for both electrocution as well as burn and arc flash/arc blast protections are applied relating directly to the safety control hierarchy.  Student workbooks are provided along with copies of the OSHA Electrical Safety Related Work Practice standard and the latest edition of NFPA 70E which are extensive used during the course.

The course contains all of the principal topical areas which are addressed by the IBEW NJATC’s curriculum guide on NFPA 70E with two primary exceptions. This course is based upon the 2009 edition of NFPA 70E as opposed to the 2004 edition referenced by the NJATC’s curriculum. Also the calculations of fault currents are omitted for time reasons and their questionable pragmatic application applied by practicing electricians as opposed to engineers. The course does however address the application of the NFPA 70E tables for both shock and burn protection along with the selection of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). The prodigious use of instructional media is employed. The instructional media includes video clips and stills of actual OSHA accident and fatality cases (electrocutions as well as arc flash/arc blast), many of which were investigated by the instructor in his official OSHA capacity with detailed explanations of causal factors revealed by the OSHA investigation and resulting citations explained in class. Additionally, realia (actual equipment including tools, PPE, etc.) will be available for student examination which is especially important for students with kinesthetic learning tendencies. The extensive use of oral questioning techniques as well as reinforcement techniques are employed for a sound and effective didactic approach.

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Instructional Methodology: Each student receives and interactive workbook which they use throughout the course, as well as a current 2009 edition of NFPA 70E which is also used throughout the course. The interactive workbook contains a copy of OSHA’s Electrical Safety Related Work Practices Standard 1910.331-.335 which is also referenced throughout the course. The OSHA Electrical Safety Related Work Practices Standard which each student receives also has a unique and specially designed cross reference for each OSHA paragraph to the equivalent NFPA 70E code reference. The use of the interactive workbook as well as looking at specific reference standards engages the students and encourages active class participation as well as reinforcement of the standard requirements.


CEU: 0.7