Sponsor NSBE

The NIU chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers would like to extend an invitation to partner with us. NSBE's new Chapter Developmentinitiative Initiative is to diversify NSBE’s revenue sources and align the financial goals of the organization with NSBE’s long term goals.  Our main focus is to increase involvement of NSBE leadership and membership through financial contributions on a yearly basis.  Donated funds are used to support programmatic and strategic initiatives including Academic Excellence, Professional Development, and Community Outreach. Technical professionals and individual donors (including companies, organizations, alumni, and individuals in the community) are invited to partner with this chapter achieving NSBE’s goals through financial donations.  These individuals support and share the long term goals of NSBE. Feel free to contact us to discuss methods in which NSBE can support your objectives and goals while advancing the NSBE mission.


NSBE Sponsorship Flyer