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Flurry of research publications for physics

February 15, 2010

NIU’s Department of Physics must have set some kind of publication record last week.

Over the years, NIU physicists have made many contributions to Physical Review Letters. The world’s foremost physics letters journal and indeed one of the most prestigious publications in any scientific discipline, Physical Review Letters publishes short reports of significant fundamental research.

Last week alone, six NIU physics professors, four research scientists, one professor emeritus and one graduate student were cited among the authors on five separate publications in Physical Review Letters.

“Having five publications in the same issue is unusual and hasn’t happened here before,” says Presidential Research Professor Michel van Veenendaal, who authored one of the articles. “I think it shows nicely how our department is growing over the years.”

Distinguished Research Professor Gerald Blazey agrees.

“It’s remarkable for a department of this size,” Blazey says, “especially when you consider that the articles come out of three different research thrusts: condensed-matter theoretical physics, condensed-matter experimental physics and high energy physics.”

Three of the publications involved the DZero scientific collaboration at Fermilab, which includes members of NIU’s high energy physics group. Those cited as authors include Blazey and Board of Trustees Professor David Hedin; professors Dhiman Chakraborty and Michael Fortner; research scientists Alexandre Dychkant, Sergey Uzunyan and Vishnu Zutshi; and graduate student Diego Menezes. (Two former students, Mike Eads and Mike Arov, are also co­authors.)

Additionally, NIU professor Laurence Lurio is a co-author on a condensed-matter experimental physics paper. And van Veenendaal is lead author on a condensed-matter theoretical physics research article co-authored by NIU research scientist Jun Chang and NIU professor emeritus Art Fedro.

The following are links to the five publications: