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Northern Today - November 2, 2009

Drawing of young tyrannosaursThe terrible teens of T. rex

NIU scientists: Young tyrannosaurs
did serious battle against each other

We all know adolescents get testy from time to time. Thank goodness we don't have young tyrannosaurs running around the neighborhood.

In a new scientific paper, researchers from NIU and the Burpee Museum of Natural History in Rockford report that adolescent tyrannosaurs got into some serious scraps with their peers.


Robert Chappell and Greg BeyerPercussion concert tonight offers peek of world showcase at Indy

When Greg Beyer floated the idea of entering the NIU Percussion Ensemble in a contest to perform at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, Robert Chappell wasn’t so sure.

“The competition is very, very nasty,” Chappell said, “to say the least.”

But the decision to enter proved a good one.


Manny SanchezSanchez appointed to third term
as member of Board of Trustees

The Illinois Senate gave its approval Thursday of Gov. Pat Quinn’s appointment of Manuel “Manny” Sanchez to a third term on the NIU Board of Trustees.


Kevin and David BallantineChemistry professor, son to offer
‘Life’s Top 10’ from two views

Kevin Ballantine’s blog races right to the point.

“I’m Kevin Ballantine. As of 2/18/09, I was a typical college student with a slight headache and a penchant for naps,” it begins. “24 hours later, I was a diagnosed with leukemia. This is my story.”


Photo of soldier saluting U.S. flagCampus veterans plan week
of activities for Veterans Day

Every Veterans Day provides a time for somber reflection, but this year’s remembrance comes amid sobering news.