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Northern Today - July 21, 2009

John Peters, Jeff Daurer and Ken ZehnderCapital bill to provide nearly $40 million
for construction, maintenance projects

Bills signed by Gov. Pat Quinn last week will provide nearly $40 million for badly needed construction and maintenance projects on campus.

Included was money to rehabilitate the Stevens Building ($22 million), funding to tackle deferred maintenance projects ($5.2 million) and planning money for a new “technology building” ($2.8 million). An additional $8 million to remodel and renovate Cole Hall was included as part of a supplement to the capital bill.


Christopher McCord and Jim CollinsMcCord, Collins traveling to Indonesia
with U.S. higher education delegation

NIU’s Christopher McCord and Jim Collins are members of a U.S. delegation of higher education leaders who are traveling to Indonesia next week to explore opportunities for expanding educational programs.


Flag of TanzaniaSights, sounds, people of Tanzania
leave indelible mark on NIU students

Camped in Serengeti National Park, the eight NIU students settled into their sleeping bags, only to hear the not-so-distant laughter of hyenas, grunts of warthogs and roars of lions.

During daytime safaris, the cover of darkness gone, they spotted animals they had seen before only in zoos, now in their natural habitat: galloping impalas, grazing giraffes and elephants, a leopard perched in a tree, a pack of cheetahs strategically stalking a herd of zebras.


Bradley Bond and Lemuel WatsonBond, Watson attend Engagement Academy

Bradley Bond, acting dean of the Graduate School, and Lemuel Watson, dean of the College of Education, represented NIU last month at the Engagement Academy for University Leaders.


Denise HaymanNIU helping Chicago-area students sharpen
math skills before they reach campus

While many high school graduates are enjoying their summer days of freedom before heading off to college, Jessica Brown is instead spending six hours a day sharpening her geometry, algebra and trigonometry skills in preparation for her freshman year at NIU.


Kenton Clymer (left to right) and his wife Marlee present his book to Cambodia's King Father Norodom Sihanouk and Queen Mother Monique.NIU history professor, wife meet with Cambodia’s former king

While visiting Beijing earlier this summer for a conference, NIU Presidential Research Professor Kenton Clymer and his wife, Marlee, received a rare audience with Norodom Sihanouk, the King Father of Cambodia, and his wife Monique, the Queen Mother.