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Foundations of Excellence: Transitions Dimension

February 17, 2009

As part of the Foundations of Excellence self-study, the Transitions Dimension is currently reviewing how first-year students transition from initial recruitment/admission to immersion in the university and its programs and activities.

The committee also is examining how well the transition information (i.e. institutional mission, academic expectations, out-of-class opportunities, financial aid and support services) is communicated to the students.

Committee members are in the process of collecting information from offices across campus that work with first-year students (publications, brochures and Web site pages) as well as external communication sent to secondary schools and/or families.

Members will identify patterns in the survey results; take an active part in the review of and discussions about university and/or programmatic documents; conduct interviews, solicit focus groups, recommend action plans and create a committee report on the dimension.

For additional information about, to participate in, or to provide information for the Transitions Dimension, contact the co-chairs: Bob Burk ( and Abbey Wolfman (