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December 1, 2008

Professor Milivoje M. Kostic of NIU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering has been invited to deliver a plenary lecture at the sixth annual WSEAS conference on heat and mass transfer.

Milivoje Kostic

Organized by the World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), the conference takes place Jan. 10 to Jan. 12 in Ningbo, China.

Kostic’s plenary lecture – “Heat Transfer, Thermal Energy and Entropy - Demystified” – focuses on different but strongly interrelated fundamental physical concepts of temperature, thermal energy and heat transfer, and entropy and entropy generation.

Heat transfer is known as typical spontaneous irreversible process where all organized (structural) energies are disorganized or dissipated as thermal energy with irreversible loss of energy potential (from high to low temperature) and overall entropy increase.

The heat transfer and thermal energy are unique and universal manifestation of all natural and artificial (man-made) processes, and thus are vital for more-efficient cooling and heating in new and critical applications, including energy production and utilization, environmental control and cleanup and bio-medical.

Kostic’s teaching and research interests are in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and related fluid-thermal-energy sciences. More information is available at