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Northern Today - August 18, 2008

Ray Alden and Steve CunninghamFeb. 14 ‘recovery’ sessions offered

To continue the healing and recovery process that began last February after the campus tragedy, a number of recovery sessions will be held for instructional and non-instructional personnel at NIU.


A major cache of dinosaur fossilsNIU students conducting fieldwork
with Burpee Museum help dig up
major cache of dinosaur fossils

NIU students who went hunting for dinosaur fossils in a remote area of southeastern Utah this summer discovered a Jurassic jackpot.


John V. Knapp and William C. JohnsonJohn Knapp’s study
of NIU colleague becomes
book on being a great teacher

At the start of the fall semester of 1997, John V. Knapp set out to learn what makes an expert English professor.