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John G. Peters
John G. Peters


‘Concept Papers’ sought
for strategic planning initiative

October 9, 2007

Faculty and staff with ideas about new programs, approaches or investments in support of NIU’s key strategic planning imperatives are encouraged to submit brief concept papers on those ideas by Friday, Oct. 26.

As the name suggests, concept documents do not need to be fully matured proposals – in fact, they should not exceed two pages at this stage. What they must include, however, is the kernel of an idea with potential to address one or more of the strategic imperatives outlined earlier this month in President Peters’ State of the University Address:

  • Preserve, strengthen and extend NIU’s teaching and learning environment;
  • Develop a strategy for investing in multidisciplinary scholarship and artistic clusters;
  • Strengthen and extend NIU’s regional and global impact; and
  • Make NIU an institution of first choice for faculty, staff and students

Concept papers should be submitted to the deans and/or vice presidents of submitters’ respective units by Friday, Oct. 26, and should address ways in which suggested ideas would improve an existing program or procedure or create a new initiative, procedure, program, curriculum, system or process. Successful concepts also will identify the need for whatever change they suggest, as well as potential benefits to the institution and advancement of its strategic imperatives.

For more information on NIU’s strategic planning process and concept paper guidelines, visit the Great Journeys Strategic Plan Web site at