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Trustees approve faculty promotions, tenure

July 2, 2007

NIUís Board of Trustees voted June 21 to approve several recommendations for faculty promotions, tenure and promotions with tenure.

From Associate Professor to Professor

Barbara Burrell, Political Science
B. Douglas Clinton, Accountancy
Behrooz Fallahi, Mechanical Engineering
Mark P. Fisher, Geology and Environmental Geosciences
Patricia Fox, Nursing
Larry Johannessen, English
Nicholas T. Karonis, Computer Science
Daniel R. Kempton, Political Science
Meung J. Kim, Mechanical Engineering
Bethia King, Biological Scienes
Michael J. Kolb, Anthropology
Christine LoFaso, Art
David Lonergan, University Libraries
Maryline Lukacher, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Brigid Lusk, Nursing
Joseph Magliano, Psychology
Donna Munroe, Nursing
Amy Newman, English
Charles Petersen, Operations Management and Information Systems
Aimee Prawitz, Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences
Reed P. Scherer Geology and Environmental Geoscienes
Diana F. Steele, Mathematical Sciences
Fahui Wang, Geography

Tenure Only

Jesse W. Johnson, Teaching and Learning
Adele Morrison, Law

Tenure and Promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

Abul K. Azad, Technology
Ana Calvo-Byrd, Biological Sciences
Dhiman Chakraborty, Physics
Omar Chmaissem, Physics
Natalie Churyk, Accountancy
Maylan Dunn, Teaching and Learning
Elisa Fredericks, Marketing
Billie Giese, Art
Mary Lynn Henningsen, Communication
Jeong Soo Kim, Music
Sibel Kusimba, Anthropology
Betty La France, Communication
Susan LíAllier, Literacy Education
Katrina Mantzke, Accountancy
Linda OíNeill, Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations
Kathleen Renk, English
Joseph Saban, Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations
Sahin Sahinoglu, Theatre and Dance
Jennifer Schmidt, Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations
Robert Schneider, Theatre and Dance
Mary Shafer, Mathematical Sciences
Lin Shi, Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences
Robert Tatara, Technololgy
Alfred Tatum, Literacy Education
Ann Van Dijk, Art
Toni Van Laarhoven, Teaching and Learning
Karen Whedbee, Communication
Scott A. Wickman, Counseling, Adult and Higher Education
Katja Wiemer-Hastings, Psychology