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Amy Levin
Amy Levin

Judy Skorek
Judy Skorek


PCSW honors Levin, Skorek with awards

Amy Levin and Judy Skorek are the winners of two new awards given by the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women.

Levin, of the Women’s Studies Program, has received the “Outstanding Mentor Awards.” Skorek, an instructor in the Department of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education, is the winner of the “Women Who Make a Difference” award.

During the past decade, the commission has offered an annual award to a woman judged to have achieved lasting changes in the climate for women on campus. Named after Wilma D. Stricklin, one of the first female chairs in the traditionally male field of management, this award has typically been given to women in positions of authority or to those most able to influence university policies and procedures.

But commission members had talked for years about the need to create awards for faculty and staff invest their time and energy not just in improving the climate for all women on campus, but in helping women succeed in the existing climate.

The work of these people often takes place behind the scenes. Their contributions often affect one woman at time.

The Outstanding Mentor Award has been established to recognize an exceptional commitment to advancing the career and/or educational goals of NIU women students, staff, and/or faculty.

The outstanding mentor is expected to be an exemplary teacher, coach, adviser, facilitator or resource in helping NIU women achieve career and/or educational goals. She (or he) creates opportunities that help protégés achieve their goals, and she (or he) demonstrates the characteristics of an outstanding role model within their area of expertise.

Levin abundantly fulfills the spirit and accomplishments of this award. Her nominators describe her many contributions to the Women’s Studies Program and her outstanding contributions as a mentor to colleagues, students and women throughout the university

Because mentoring is one of the services shown by research to be a key factor in the educational careers of women students and the careers of women faculty, Levin’s contributions have been meaningful in creating a welcoming climate for women at NIU.

She also has provided leadership in the university through work in the Women’s Studies Program, on the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women and on the Multicultural Curriculum Transformation Institute in ways that have helped NIU women in their careers or their education

The Women Who Make a Difference award recognizes outstanding dedication to the empowerment of NIU women by making changes at the unit level, by addressing issues that are important to women, and by going “the extra mile” to assist others.

Skorek’s nominators describe her as a person who has worked tirelessly to help returning and nontraditional students, as well as NIU employees, in dealing with life’s challenges in their time at NIU. They extol her efforts in helping other women succeed, by providing education, advice, counseling, coaching and advocacy.

Her collaboration on issues such as sexual harassment prevention, sexual assault response and services have truly made a difference in the lives of the women she has assisted and has helped create an environment that promotes the empowerment of women at all levels of the university.

All of her supporters identify her as a person who dedicates herself to addressing issues important to women, through policies, projects and helping women as individuals.