NIU Detector Development Group

Linear Collider Detector Group

The detector group at NICADD/NIU is interested in the deveopment of hadron calorimetry, tail catching/muon systems, and software prototypes for the next linear collider.

It is clear that for the Linear Collider to fulfill its physics charter multi-jet final states will have to be exceptionally well measured. In particular, superior resolutions in jet (30%/$\sqrt{E}$ or better) and missing energy measurements will be critical for discovery and characterization of the new physics as well as for precision tests of the Standard Model (SM). The most promising means to achieving such unprecedented resolutions at the next linear collider is through particle-flow algorithms [2] which require fine lateral and longitudinal segmentation of the calorimeter to individually reconstruct the showers constituting a jet. This approach allows one to make optimal use of the information available in the event: tracker momenta for charged hadrons and calorimetric energy measurements for photons and neutral hadrons.

Research Areas: