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Standard 2  Assessment System and Unit Evaluation




Assessment System Figure

Assessment Results by Off Campus versus On Campus:  2008-2009, 2009-2010

Notes from Unit Assessment Committee meetings Sept. 22, 2010 and Oct. 20, 2010, including most recent discussions for improving the unit's assessment system and discussion of assessment data from 2009-2010. Notes from previous years' Unit Assessment Committee meetings can be found on the Reports and Resources page.





1. Description of unit's assessment system

     See Unit Annual Reports for 2008-2009, 2007-2008, and 2006-2007

     Also see Unit Assessment System diagram


2. Data from key assessments used at entry to programs

       Program Reports to the Unit (collected annually) - Current reports from 2008-2009

           Biology fall, spring

           Chief School Business Official

           Curriculum and Instruction undergraduate, graduate


           Counseling and Counseling Institute

           Early Childhood undergraduate, graduate

           Elementary Education undergraduate, graduate

           Engineering MST


           ESL Bilingual

           Family and Consumer Science

           Geology (Earth & Space Science, Environmental Science)


           History and Social Sciences

           Instructional Technology


           Mathematics (secondary)

           Middle School Mathematics MST

           Physical Education




           School Psychology

           Special Education LBS1 undergraduate, graduate

           Special Education LBS2

           Special Education Vision undergraduate, graduate


           Technology Specialist


           (UPDATED) Art undergraduate, graduate 

           Music undergraduate, graduate 

           Speech-Language Pathology


       See also SPA reports (on NCATE AIMS site)

       See also Unit Annual Reports (in #1 above)


3. Procedures for ensuring that key assessments and unit operations are fair, accurate, consistent and free of bias

     Summary of procedures and actions taken

      See also program reports to unit (in #2 above)


4. Policies and procedures that ensure that data are regularly colllected, compiled, aggregated, summarized and used to make improvements

     See Unit Annual Reports in #1 above

     See Notes from Unit Assessment Committee Meetings on Reports and Resources page


5. Sample of candidate assessment data disaggregated by off-campus programs

     On-Campus and Off-Campus Comparison


6. Policies for handling student complaints



              Affirmative Action and Diversity Resources, Human Resources Services


          Program-Specific Policies and Procedures

              College of Health and Human Sciences

                  Health Education

                  Speech-Language Pathology

              College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



                  School Psychology


7. File of student complaints and the unit's response


          College of Health and Human Sciences

              As of 16 December 2009, we have not received any student complaints (other than grade appeals) for the FACS, ECS, Health Education or Speech Language Pathology Programs. If we receive complaints in the future, we will maintain a file that describes the complaint, process, and the resolution of the complaint.


          College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


              School Psychology


8. Examples of changes made to courses, programs, and the unit in response to data gathered from the assessment system

     See the Unit Annual Reports above





Incentives for Doing Research, Assessment, and Improving Learning:
          Grants to Support Improvement of Instruction

          Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and Instruction


Campus Assessment Network

"The Campus Assessment Network, established in July 2006, is a group of individuals across campus involved in assessment as part of their professional role at NIU....The Campus Assessment Network was established for the purpose of bringing together assessment professionals and other interested parties across NIU to better enable these individuals to:

  • Communicate and network with one another on assessment issues.
  • Share information and assessment tools with one another to increase effectiveness in our assessment practices.
  • Develop a shared culture of assessment and common messages of assessment to better engage and support the broader NIU community in their assessment needs. "

The Campus Assessment Network started a book group in Fall 2009 to collaborate on growing the scholarship of assessment. Members meet every couple of weeks to discuss Trudy Banta's book "Building a Scholarship of Assessment" and to discuss collaborating on an assessment research-related project.


Assessment Message

During the 2008-2009 academic year, Campus Assessment Network (a group of faculty, staff and administrators from accross campus who are interested in assessment) developed a series of related assessment messages with images to target four audiences about the value of assessment. Posters geared toward students, faculty and staff, administrators, and community partners were developed for use by anyone who wanted to participate in promoting awareness about assessment.


Assessment Expo

Two teacher certification programs were invited and participated in the university's second annual Assessment Expo in March 2009. Special Education (Learning Behavior Specialist 1) and English presented their assessments to collegues. See their posters below:

Special Education