Northern Illinois University

NCATE/ISBE Accreditation

General Background and NIU's Conceptual Framework


NIU's Mission and Scope Statement


Undergraduate Catalog

Graduate Catalog



          College of Health and Human Sciences

               Early Childhood Studies

                   FCNS 230

                   FCNS 280

                   FCNS 284

                   FCNS 330

                   FCNS 331

                   FCNS 331A

                   FCNS 405

                   FCNS 432

                   FCNS 488_588

                   TEDU 282

                   TEDU 343

               Family and Consumer Sciences

                   FCNS 240

                   FCNS 344

                   FCNS 345

                   FCNS 475

               Health Education

                   PHHE 208

                   PHHE 300

                   PHHE 400

                   PHHE 402

                   PHHE 404_504

                   PHHE 406

                   PHHE 482_682

                   Student Teaching Handbook

               Speech-Language Pathology

                   COMD 603

                   COMD 670

                   COMD 671

                   COMD 676

                   COMD 679

                   COMD 684


          College of Education (links to course outlines for all departments' courses)


          College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Initial Teacher Certification

               ILAS 201: Initial Clinical Experience

               ILAS 301: Second Clinical Experience

               Earth & Space Science and Environmental Science

               Foreign Languages

                   FLMT 490

                   FLMT 491

               History and Social Sciences

                   HIST 400

                   HIST 496

                   ILAS 401




                    MST Middle School Math


History of Conceptual Framework

          History and plan




          2005 support document with more information and revised bibliography



          2010 (current)

Alignment Table of Unit Assessments with the Conceptual Framework, State & National Standards, and Gateway Points in the Programs


Reports from other accreditors

        CAA / ASHA  (for Speech-Language Pathology) decision letter for annual report 2008

               Self-Study 2010: report cover, course sequence, faculty summary, individual faculty detail, course summary, individual course detail, knowledge and skills within the curriculum, demographic summary of clinical sites, clinical population, clinical site detail, survey response

               Decision letter

        CACREP  (for School Counseling) self study (2003), interim report masters & doctoral, decision letter

        NASAD (for Art) (UPDATED) Self Study Report, (UPDATED) Reviewer Report May 2010

        NASM (for Music) self-study (2002), decision letter 

        NASP (for School Psychology) decision letter (2007)