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Summer Graduate Program in Music Education

The School of Music offers a summer program leading to the Master of Music degree with a specialization in Music Education.  In most cases, students can complete the required coursework for this degree in three years (summer, intersession, and evening classes). Applicants for this program should have Illinois Teacher Certification/Licensure and at least three years of public school teaching experience.

Students-at-large are welcome to take classes. Some classes may require permission; please consult the Coordinator of Graduate Studies for more information.

For information on registering for the Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance workshop hosted at NIU July 18-22, please contact Professor Mary Lynn Doherty at

Summer 2016 Workshops and Courses  

MUED 685: Foundations of Music Ed (3 credits) Professor Jeannie Brooks MTuWTh 2:30-6:00 6/20- 7/7

MUED 689: World Music Pedagogy (3 credits) Professor Jui-Ching Wang MTuWTh 8:30am-12:00noon 6/20 - 7/7

MUSE 321/621: Afro-Cuban Folkloric Ensemble (1 credit) Professor Mike Mixtacki MTuWTh 12:00-1:15 6/20 - 7/7

MUHL 320: Music History Review (3 credits) Professor Brian Hart MTuWTh 8:00-10:15 6/20 - 7/14

MUED 680: Workshop in Music-Score Study (1 credit) Professor Tom Bough Days/times TBD 7/5 - 7/8 and 7/11-7/17

Core Requirements (13)

  • MUED 684, Techniques of Research in Music (3)
  • A course in music history (3)
  • A course in music theory (3)
  • MUSC 699B or D Thesis or Portfolio/Project

Music Education Specialization Requirements (19)

  • MUED 685, Foundations in Music Education (3)
  • Music education course work (6-9)
  • Music performance course work, chosen from private keyboard, voice, or instrumental study;
    music performance (including conducting); and/or ensembles (3)
  • Electives (4-7)

All new students must take the School of Music diagnostic examinations in Music History and Music Theory prior to the first term of study. Study guides for the exams may be viewed HERE.

Review Courses

(if necessary, as determined by diagnostic examinations; do not apply to the degree.)

  • MUHL 320, Music History Review (3)
  • MUTC 402, Music Theory Review (3)

Deadline for Summer Applications: May 20.   N.B., this is the deadline for application for formal admission to the M.M. program.  Interested students who miss the deadline may still take music courses during the summer session as Graduate Students-At-Large, for which there is no application deadline.

Apply on-line at

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For application materials, information about financial aid, or other questions, contact

Professor James Brown, Coordinator of Graduate Studies
School of Music, NIU, DeKalb, IL 60115
E-mail (preferred)
Phone (815) 753-7975
Fax (815) 753-1759