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Fall 2014 Ensemble Audition Music

Fall 2014 classes begin Monday, August 25, and Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony, Philharmonic, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Lab Band, and University Jazz Band auditions are planned to take place (at the posted times) between Sunday August 24 and Wednesday August 27. More information and sign-up sheets will be posted near the Large Ensemble Office, MB 156. 


Online recordings for most of the audition repertoire can be accessed via NIU’s portal to the NAXOS Music LibraryNIU students and faculty who are off-campus can login via this link.
The NAXOS Music Library is also accessible via mobile apps on Apple and Android devices to NIU students and faculty.

String, Wind, and Percussion Audition Information

Choral information is included within the Choral link below.

  1. All string, wind, and percussion students must appear for large ensemble auditions. Please plan to audition, and prepare all audition materials thoroughly.
  2. Please make every effort to audition during the time frame designated for your instrument. Doing so gives you the best opportunity for the conductors to accurately assess your skills as compared to your colleagues.
  3. Professional attire is expected.
  4. Bring a copy of your class schedule to the auditions. The conductors may ask for it if needed.
  5. Arrive early for your scheduled time. Be prepared to play early if requested to do so.

Jazz Ensemble/Jazz Lab Band/University Jazz Band Audition Information

Students will have to sight read, play a jazz blues head and/or rhythm change head, and have the option of improvising.

Woodwind players will also need to bring their doubles if they have them.

Bass players will audition for Professor Kelly Sill on Wednesday and pianists for Professor Willie Pickens on Tuesday. They will sight read a melody or bass line as well as chord changes.

All drummers will audition for Professor Villanueva, demonstrating swing, Latin, and ballad styles. They will also have to sight-read.