Choral Music Library

Students may check out music from the choral librarian. Music may be checked out for a period of two weeks.

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Concert Hall Pianos

The Concert Hall pianos must not be used on the moveable pit section in front of the main section of the stage.  Exceptions will be granted only through the Large Ensemble Office.

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Damage and Theft

As a community of musicians and scholars, the students and faculty of the School of Music have a shared responsibility to protect the building and its contents.  Information concerning any person(s) responsible for wanton damage or vandalism should go directly to the Director of the School of Music   To this point, graduate assistants with offices are advised to get door sleeves for their offices. They cost about $35 and can be purchased at Melin’s Lock & Key at 335 E. Locust (about 5 blocks from the Music Building.)  If a door sleeve is used, a key must be given to the Music Office to keep on file (Fire Code Requirement).

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Duplicating and Copying

The Music Office does not duplicate materials for student presentations.  Graduate assistants with teaching responsibilities are allowed use of the copy card, which is to be used in the copy machine outside of the Music Office. The copy card is available for classroom needs, such as creating overheads, and they ask that you only make 10 copies at a time.  Students can also make copies in the Music Library, main library, or in other copy services found on campus with their NIU One Card.  Under no circumstances should students copy material that is copyrighted without permission from the holder of the copyright.  Some copying may fall under a “fair – use” guideline.  In order to make such a determination, students should familiarize themselves with music copyright laws.

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Harpsichord Usage Policies

Students must submit a Harpsichord Permission Form to the applied harpsichord professor no later than two weeks before the date the instrument is needed.  If this is not done it may not be possible to have the harpsichord prepared and tuned.  

The School of Music owns three harpsichords - a small Zuckermann spinet in MB 171, and two instruments by Hubbard - one in MB 118 and the other in the Recital Hall.  The instrument in the Recital Hall is generally kept at A=440, whereas the one in MB 118 is at A=415.  

Performance on the harpsichord will be reserved for use by faculty and student ensemble or solo performances in which the harpsichordist is currently, or has formerly received instruction in performance on and care and maintenance of the instrument.  In all cases, use of a harpsichord will be under the direct supervision of the faculty member in charge of the event.

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The music building is open from 7:00 a.m. ‑ 12:00 a.m. daily during the fall and spring terms.  The following policies govern late practice hours:

During the regular semester, music majors who are in the building at closing may stay in the building.

Only students who are employed by the School of Music may enter the building after midnight with a key.  Doors must not be left open after midnight.

During breaks and summer hours only students and staff with keys should be in the building after midnight.  Please note that the building is closed on Fridays in the summer.

There are no group music activities allowed after midnight.   No one should be in rooms 155, 171, 173, 245, the Recital Hall, or the Concert Hall after midnight.

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Instrumental Music Library

Individual parts or scores to wind ensemble or orchestra music may be checked out for periods from one day to two weeks.  Please complete the request form in the Large Ensemble Office.

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A certain number of keys are issued to students who need access to locked areas.  A faculty member must sponsor a student and verify that he/she is entitled to a key.  Please see the deposit rates below:

  • 1 key ‑ $15.00 (refundable)
  • 2 keys ‑ $25.00 (refundable)
  • 3 or more keys ‑ $30.00 (refundable)

Graduate assistants are only required to pay a $15.00 deposit no matter how many keys they are required to have for their assistantship responsibilities.

Piano and organ keys may be kept for fall and spring semesters; keys must be returned by the end of finals week or an encumbrance will be placed on the student's university file.  Percussion and Electronic Music keys must be returned at the end of each semester or an encumbrance will be placed on the student's university file.  A similar policy will be enforced for students graduating at the end of fall and summer terms.  Any lost key should be reported to the school office immediately.  All students forfeit deposit for lost keys.  If a lost key is reissued, a double deposit must be paid.  One half will be returned when the reissued key is surrendered.

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Lockers are issued in Room 156.  A locker fee will be assessed for any student desiring a locker in the Music Building for personal use.  The non-refundable fee per semester is $10.00 for small sizes; $15.00 for medium sizes; and $25.00 for large sizes (tuba/string bass). (CHECKS ONLY)  Combinations of lockers will be changed at the end of each semester unless the locker is renewed.

For added security, students are allowed to use their own combination padlock on their assigned locker.  If the locker is to house NIU instruments or music, the Large Ensemble Office must be notified of the padlock’s combination. Should you install your own padlock and not supply the Large Ensemble Office with the combination, please be aware that it may be necessary to open your locker in cases of emergency (e.g., you have ensemble music that your substitute needs, you have an NIU instrument that is needed, etc.).  In such cases, we reserve the right to cut the padlock off.  As well, should the padlock remain on the locker after a semester and you have not yet paid for the next semester, the padlock will be cut off.

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Lost and Found

The School of Music maintains a Lost and Found service in the stairwell next to the recital hall. Please return any found item of value to the receptionist in the music office.

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Music Stands

Music stands are provided by the School of Music for the practice rooms on the third and fourth floors in the north wing of the Music Building on a limited basis.  Students who need additional stands should provide their own.  Chairs and stands found in performance halls, rehearsal rooms and classrooms should stay there at all times. 

Stands should not be taken from the Music Building without permission of the Large Ensemble Office.

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Parking Permits

Any student may have a car on campus with a permit, but parking facilities are limited and controlled.  Depending upon whether you are a resident or commuting student, different permit criteria are used.  Some students deliberately misrepresent themselves as commuters, thinking this will get them a more favorable permit.  This is not a good idea, and can lead to disciplinary sanction or even dismissal.

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Students may not use office phones for personal business.  Campus phones are located across the hall from Rooms 153 and 171.

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Piano Practice Rooms

All students should have access to a practice piano in the practice wing of the facility.  Rooms with grand pianos are reserved for piano majors.  DO NOT leave personal items or instruments in practice rooms to "stake a claim."  Items found in unoccupied practice rooms will be removed and placed in Lost and Found.

Piano majors should see their applied instructor to receive key entitlement information.

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Policy on Smoking, Food, Drinks and Alcohol

The music building is a smoke-free workplace.  Smoking is prohibited throughout the facility.  Please move to an outside area to smoke.

No food or drinks are allowed in the classrooms, rehearsal halls, performance halls, practice rooms or library.  The students of the School of Music take pride in the appearance of their excellent facilities.  Students are encouraged to report violations of these policies to the music office. The consumption of alcohol prior to or during any activity or performance in which you are representing the School of Music, the College of Visual and Performing Arts, or Northern Illinois University is strictly forbidden.  Infraction of this policy will result in disciplinary sanction.

Northern Illinois University policies and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 prohibit unlawful possession, use, and/or distribution of controlled substances and alcohol on university property or in association with any university-related activities.

Local, state, and federal laws prohibit the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of drugs and alcohol, and the courts may impose strict legal sanctions upon an individual who is found to have violated the legal prohibitions against the possession, use, or distribution of drugs and alcohol.

As well, NIU may impose disciplinary sanctions upon any student or employee who is found to be in violation of laws or policies relating to the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of drugs and alcohol.

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School Instruments

School instruments may be checked out in Room 156.  Students may be required to have written permission from a private instructor or a conductor to obtain an instrument.  The following fee policies apply:  

  • Any declared major who does not own his/her own instrument will be assessed a usage fee of $50.00 per semester for the use of a school instrument.  (CHECKS ONLY)
  • Any student wishing to use a school instrument for secondary study will be assessed a usage fee of $50.00 per semester for the instrument.  (CHECKS ONLY)
  • Any student wishing to use a school instrument specifically for use in school ensembles will be assessed a usage fee of $50.00 per semester.  (CHECKS ONLY)
  • Any music education major wishing to use a school instrument for the purpose of continued practicing after the related techniques class has been completed will be assessed a usage fee of $50.00 per semester.  (CHECKS ONLY)

Students who are asked or required to play extended range, specialty, or secondary instruments in a school ensemble will not be assessed any usage fee, but must sign a statement of liability form in the large ensemble office, covering the period the instrument will remain in the student's possession.

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Use of Rehearsal Spaces

Practice facilities and spaces for small ensemble rehearsals are found in the performance wing of the building.  Groups requiring larger spaces may sign out the spaces in the Large Ensemble Office, provided they are registered for credit with a faculty coach.  When finished using the large rehearsal rooms, the piano should be covered (and put backstage: Concert Hall only), lights turned off, and doors locked.

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