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Benevolence Fund

The Benevolence Fund supports the costs of flowers, cards, and/or small gifts when members of the School of Music Faculty families are experiencing periods of recuperation or grief.  The Faculty has repeatedly voted to support the Benevolence fund at a level of $20 per person per year.  Diane Ragains administers this fund, accepting the money and arranging for its use.

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Campus Guests

Parking - The School of Music receives no special consideration or free parking privileges for guests, or anyone for that matter.  Daily parking permits must be obtained from the University Parking Services Office. Any tickets received for improper parking cannot be “fixed.”  Parking is free on the community streets east of the Music Building. Please make arrangements in advance for parking.

Guest Rooms - The School of Music does not receive any free rooms or special rates for the Holmes Student Center Guest Rooms, or at any other private establishment in DeKalb.  Keep this in mind as arrangements are made.  A suite is available in Fine Arts House (Neptune North) for special guests who are here for an extended period of time.  See Paul Bauer for details.

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Faculty Bulletin Board

Since all faculty members have e-mail, news and announcements will be sent via that medium.  At times, duplicate notices may be placed on the bulletin board in the mail room, but this will not usually be the case.  If you use a non-NIU (GroupWise) e-mail account, please make sure that it is current with the office, and to check it regularly.  The administration will assume that notices will be read and acted upon accordingly.

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Media Equipment

The School of Music has an inventory of electronic and media equipment.  Some equipment is located in permanent installations located throughout the building, including an audio/video duplicating studio (MB 226). MB 226 contains audio and video media players and recorders of a variety of formats that allow for duplication for instructional purposes.

Some portable equipment is made available for faculty use and should be used on a temporary basis, normally a week or less.

DVD/VHS players and monitors on carts are located in MB 226 for use throughout the Music Building.

LCD projectors are available from the Music Office (MB 140).

A single VHS Video camera is available from the Music Office (MB 140).

A CD-Recorder/microphone/stand unit (Superscope PSD 300) is available from the Music Office (MB 140).

Notebook computers are available for temporary faculty use (including during professional travel) from the Music Office (MB 140).

Equipment security (for loss or damage) is the faculty member's responsibility, and provisions should be made for security of equipment that is to be used for an extended period of time.

Students must have written communication from a faculty member who accepts responsibility for use of the equipment. It must list the items of equipment needed.  It must also specify where the equipment is to be used and when it will be returned.

Performance sound equipment (microphones/stands/cables, amplifiers, speakers, etc.) is available by request with one-week notice (two-week notice if technician is required to setup/operate equipment).

Problems experienced with the equipment or cables should be reported.  The faulty item(s) should be returned clearly marked.


Other media equipment may be available from the School of Music or for a fee from Media Services 815-753-0173.

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Policy on Smoking, Food, Drinks and Alcohol

The music building is a smoke-free workplace.  Smoking is prohibited throughout the facility.  Please move to an outside area to smoke.

No food or drinks are allowed in the classrooms, rehearsal halls, performance halls, practice rooms or library.  The faculty and students of the School of Music take pride in the appearance of their excellent facilities.  Please report violations of these policies to the Music Office.

The consumption of alcohol prior to or during any activity or performance in which you are representing the School of Music, the College of Visual and Performing Arts, and the University is strictly forbidden.

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Radio Stations

Northern Public Radio

  • WNIU  90.5 FM (primarily classical music)
  • WNIJ  89.5 FM (primarily NPR news and features, with some lite jazz and blues on weekends)

These University radio stations reach a wide area, both directly and through repeater stations.  Faculty members wishing to have their recordings aired must sign release forms. The staff at WNIU/WNIJ is anxious to help.

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Summer Addresses

Please leave your summer or vacation addresses and telephone numbers with the Music Office before you leave campus.  Activities and planning take place in the summer, and may require your input.

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