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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I able to receive financial aid if I receive military student's benefits?

2. How often do I need to complete the NIU Enrollment Certification Request?

3. I have applied for VA benefits, why haven't I been paid?

4. If my G.I. bill runs out before the end of the semester, will it cover the rest of the semester?

5. I have changed my class schedule after I submitted the NIU Enrollment Certification Request form. What do I need to do?

6. If I change my major or program of study, what do I need to do?

7. How can I get a copy of my DD-214 if I need it?

8. How do I ensure that my Illinois Veteran Grant, Illinois National Guard Grant, or MIA/POW scholarship is applied to my account?

9. How do I know what VA Education Benefits I qualify for?

10. How long will my claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs take?

11. How do I file a claim for compensation or pension with the VA?

12. What is the Veteran Affairs website?

13. What is the Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs website?

14. Are there private scholarships available for veterans?

15. I am using my Post 9/11 GIBILL. Will I be eligible for in-state tuition?

16. Am I required to live in the residence halls as a freshman?

17. Can I use my IVG or ING for non-credit programs?

MPTSS Lounge and Support Services

Phone: 815-753-9999
Fax Number: 815-752-9999


Military Student Benefits Counseling

Campus Life Building 240
Phone: 815-753-0691
Fax Number: 815-753-0943