2013-2014 Members

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dustin Chennault - Psychology
Natalie Ckuj - Psychology
Lauren Boddy - Psychology
Audrina Pryer - Chemistry
Lucy Albers - Actuarial Science
Amanda Burg - Sociology
Tyler Hendry - Acuarial Science
Flor Navarro - Chemistry
Ron Leonhardt - History
Bryce Sommer
- Psychology
Andrew Kelliher - Actuarial Science
Ashley Roti - History

College of Education

Megan Sevatson - Elementary Education
Stephanie Sulzer - Special Education

College of Engineering and Engineering Technology

Chris Lloyd - Industrial and Systems Engineering

College of Health and Human Sciences

Faith Stauersboll - Nursing
Jacqueline Zinkus - Nursing
Kaylee White - Nursing
Katie Baker - Pre-Physical Therapy
Nathan Hilse - Pre-Physical Therapy
Megan Corneille - Family and Child Studies, Child Development emphasis
Lindsey Grandt - Family Social Services
Megan Tieman - Family and Child Studies, Family Social Services emphasis

College of Business

Michael Verwijst - Operation Management and Information Services