Financial Wellness Collaborative


About Us

The Financial Wellness Collaborative was created in the Summer of 2010 as a way to combine financial wellness efforts in the surrounding community.

This collaboration:

  • brings together programs that help assist K-12 schools by delivering programs directly into the classroom and by providing vital information to teachers to incorporate into their lesson plans.
  • helps prepare college students by bringing them financial wellness programming to help improve their own personal financial situations and learn how to make informed financial decisions.
  • works to teach future educators about the importance of incorporating economic education and financial wellness programs into their classrooms when they graduate.
  • educates the local community on topics and resources to help them better understand the importance of financial wellness.

The goal of the Financial Wellness Collaborative is to provide resources and programming to increase financial wellness, to streamline our individual efforts, and to strengthen our combined impact on our students, schools and community.

One of the main outreach efforts of this group is Money Smart week. This group serves as the Steering Committee for Money Smart Week in DeKalb, LaSalle, and Lee Counties.