DU 326 | Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm

Problem Sessions

Director: Brian Veitch
Northern Illinois University
Department of Mathematics
Dekalb, IL 60115
Email: veitch@math.niu.edu
Phone: (815) 753-6732

Having trouble with a particular topic?  Getting close to exam time?

The MLC offers a variety of problem sessions on topics which are particularly difficult for students. You will be given tips for doing the problems and given a chance to try these tips out by working in groups with other students. These sessions are recommended for students who feel they do not fully understand a topic, students who are struggling with the problems for a particular section, or students who just want to make sure they do not miss anything. These problem sessoins are NOT a substitute for going to class!

Problem Sessions

If you have an idea for a problem session, stop by DU 326 or send an email to veitch@math.niu.edu


Math 229



Math 230


Limits - focusing on Piece-wise Functions

  • Wednesday, January 23

  • 6PM DU 326

  • Led by Joshua Meyer

Solids of Revolution

  • Thursday, January 24

  • 6PM DU 326

  • Led by Joshua Meyer



Practice Exam Sessions

Bring a copy of the listed old exam to the exam session. You will be grouped with other students taking the same exam. While you learn from you peers, a tutor will be around to give guidence and suggestions.


Nothing scheduled.