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March 08, 2013

Williams to take leave of absence

DeKalb, Ill. — In light of recent events, Northern Illinois University President John G. Peters and Eddie Williams, NIU chief of operations and executive vice president of Finance & Facilities, today announced that Dr. Williams will take a leave of absence from his university duties.

“Dr. Williams has been integral to our success, and we have the highest regard for his 42-year commitment to Northern Illinois University,” President Peters said.

“Dr. Williams and I have conferred and agree that because he oversees a broad range of administrative matters, he will take this step until resolution of the investigation to avoid any appearance of conflict or any question concerning the university’s response to this matter,” Peters added.

“I appreciate the president’s understanding as much as I treasure my association with NIU,” Dr. Williams said. “I look forward to the complete resolution of the current investigation and returning to my post.”

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