Video FAQs - NIU - Media Services

Video Production


videoHow much does a video cost?

We can provide you with a high-quality video whether your budget is large or small. Our rates to on-campus clients are about one-third of commercial market rates. Simple event documentation can be less than $100.00, while fully-produced programs are usually at least $1,000.00.

Can you put my video on a CD?

Yes, but do you mean a CD or a DVD? To put even a short video on a CD requires it to be encoded to Windows Media or a similar format. This process compresses the video to fit on the CD which greatly reduces its quality and screen size. A DVD on the other hand retains full screen size and only slightly compresses the video. You will need a DVD drive and playback software on your computer or a separate DVD player to view the DVD.

Can you produce my video in High Definition?

Yes, we now have the capability to record and edit your video in High Definition (HD). We can present the HD video with our professional Blu-Ray equipment, but currently we cannot duplicate to the consumer Blu-Ray format. Copies would have to be converted to standard-definition DVDs.

Do you sell videos of NIU athletic events?

Yes and No. While Media Services does videotape many NIU athletic events, we are only authorized to distribute videos of those events to which NIU owns the exclusive rights. NIU is prohibited from retransmitting or selling video copies of NIU athletic events in their entirety that were televised live by a television sports network such as ESPN. Only those athletic events that are co-produced by NIU and a media partner (such as Comcast SportsNet), and/or are part of an in-house video production (for display at Huskie Stadium or NIU Convocation Center) can be reproduced and distributed to the public. The cost of a video copy (DVD) of a Huskie football or basketball game is usually $20.00.

Can you broadcast my event to television?

We are not set up to broadcast a live event without a satellite truck. However, we can produce live-to-tape events for re-broadcast at certain venues such as the Convocation Center. We can also stream any event live to a hosted Web site.