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Video Production


Special Events

We can provide multi-camera, high-definition video coverage of special events, such as concerts and award ceremonies. In many cases, we can stream these productions over the internet. Also, we can videotape speakers and other events on campus at a lower cost than a fully-produced program. We will document your event under existing lighting conditions with a professional-format video camera and a wireless lapel microphone and make DVD copies for you. The cost for covering an on-campus event of two hours or less during regular work hours with one DVD copy is usually less than $100. We also cover evening and weekend events at a slightly higher charge. Some of the events that we routinely cover include:

  • NIU faculty or guest lectures
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Class presentations
  • Retirement ceremonies
  • Theatre, dance, and music performances
  • Student Association cultural shows
  • Art exhibits

For more information on these services or to schedule a taping, please call Jennifer Howard, Video Production Manager, at 815-753-0179.