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Authorization for Services

Division services are provided on a charge-back basis. We strive to keep costs as low as possible, and in nearly every instance you will find them to be appreciably lower than design and production rates encountered in the private sector. Campus agencies receive a predetermined credit that is used to offset labor charges. When that credit has been consumed you will be responsible for modest labor charges. Charges for materials are always actively applied.

Call Lon Clark, Business Manager at 815-753-6676 if you have any questions or would like further information.

All services to be charged back to a department should be requested on an Authorization for Services Form. This form has been devised to minimize the paperwork and time required to obtain services and can be used for General Revenue, Bond Revenue, Foundation, and/or local fund accounts. Please fill out the form completely, always include the account number to be charged, and the signature of the fund custodian. The completed form must be submitted before work on a project begins.

You can use the following funds to pay for media services:

A. General Commodities 800305
This expense category can be used to procure limited quantities of expendable items such as batteries or poster board. The Division can only provide commodity items for small quantity requests or emergency use. Large quantities of commodities should be obtained through regular purchasing channels.

B. Educational Media Services 693065, 693070, 693075, 693080, 693085, 693090
This Contractual Services expense category can be used for any service charge that requires the skill and/or facilities of the Division. These accounts can be used to pay for such things as repair of equipment, graphics, photography, or video production. Funds in a Contractual Services expense category cannot be used solely for the purchase of commodity items. The purpose of these funds is to provide dollar support for media services that require the professional skills and production facilities found in the Division. When these services also require commodity items that are provided by the Division on behalf of executing a service, they will be charged to the department as part of the project costs.

C. Grant Funding
The expense categories described above can be used for media services provided to grant projects if the grant budget so specifies. We urge you to contact Media Services prior to submitting grant proposals to assure that appropriate costs are included in proposals. Media services funded through grants can be obtained using the Authorization for Services Form.