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Equipment Repair

Media Services can assist you if you have equipment in need of repair. You will first need to provide the information for an Authorization for Services form before repairs can begin. Please complete the form and fax it to Media Technical Services at 815-753-3800, or send via interoffice mail to Media Technical Services, Williston Hall Basement. Alternatively, please e-mail your contact information, project description, and PeopleSoft account number to

Please call John Sherman at 815-753-6682 for assistance.

Equipment Repair Services
Media Technical Services can repair media equipment, assist you with returning equipment for warranty repair, or help locate an outside service provider for items we cannot repair. We generally do not repair consumer grade video equipment because new products are available at a cost lower than the cost of a typical repair. Examples of equipment we may repair include:

  • Overhead projectors
  • 35mm slide projectors
  • 16mm film projectors 
  • Professional grade video and audio equipment
  • LCD projectors
  • Document cameras 
  • Audiocassette and reel-to-reel audio players
  • Audio amplifiers

Media Technical Services recommends that clients who purchase professional or industrial grade equipment obtain an extended warranty that is good for at least three years. This can be arranged during the purchasing process.