Media & Creative Services - NIU - Division of Marketing & Communications

Our Services

Media & Creative Services, a department of the Division of Marketing and Communications, produces photography, graphic arts, and videos in support of the university's marketing and communications missions.  We create materials for other colleges, departments, and entities. To discuss your needs, contact the following people:

As of January 2015, the following services have been transferred to the Division of Information Technology.

  • Sports and Convocation Center Video Production: Pat Gorman 815-752-6640
  • Video Engineering Support: Doug Ball 815-753-6690
  • Digital Signage-new installations and training: Mike Verbic 815-753-6684
  • Digital Signage Repairs: Doug Ball 815-753-6690
  • Video Conferencing: Mike Verbic 815-753-6684
  • New Media Equipment Acquisition and Installation: Mike Verbic 815-753-6684
  • Campus Cable Technical Issues: John Sherman 815-753-6682
  • Clinical Video/Audio Observation Systems: John Sherman 815-753-6682
  • Media Equipment Repair: John Sherman 815-753-6682
  • Provost Sponsored Smart Classroom Issues: Jim Bollenbach 815-753-6677