Senior Design Project

May 2005 Senior Project Presentations

Advanced Cabinet

Team 1: David Guetschow, Louise Schalasky
Advisor: Dr. Song

To design and build an automated system that will be easily and efficiently make all the shelves in a standard kitchen cabinet accessible by bringing the shelves out and down to the user by the use of a four-bar linkage.


Team 2:David Gustafson, Dan Kurowski, Michael Sartin, Shannon Sowers
Advisor: Dr. Gau
Sponsor: ASME

Design and manufacture a HPV capable of speeds of 35-40 mph, completing a 40 mile endurance race, and a top 5 finish in the 2005 ASME East Human Powered Vehicle Challenge, April 22-24, 2005.

Caterpillar Fan Drive Analysis and Design

Team 3: Mike Butler, Chris Conro, Thomas Hinz
Advisor: Mike Watkins
Sponsor: Caterpillar

Design a fan drive for machines in Caterpillar's Large Wheel Loader Division. This system must bridge a longer span to the cooling fan due to the introduction of a shorter, lower-emission and have a life expectancy equal to if not greater that the current system.

Wheelchair/Service Dog Trailer One-Handed Release Mechanism

Team 4: Tom Chelman, Ben Jensen, Gina Powers, Jennifer Saltsider
Advisor: Dr. Short
Sponsor: Montare, LLC

To design and manufacture an adaptation kit for a commercially available dog trailer so that it can be used in conjunction with a battery-powered wheelchair.

Mini-Baja Frame And Suspension Design

Team 5: Bruno Risatti
Advisor: Dr. Payvar
Sponsor: Risatti Electric Co.

To design, fabricate, and compete in SAE Midwest Mini-Baja 2005. Establish a vehicle platform that will be used for two consecutive seasons of competition. Focus design on suspension failure mode.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Team 6: Erik Hansen, Rick Kozmer, Chad Mammen, Zac Maslowski, Patrick Montalto, Magdalena Nocko
Advisor: Dr. Bose
Sponsor: Argonne National Labs and Illinois Tool Works Fastex Div.

This is the start of a multi-semester project. The objective of this semester’s project is the designing and implementation of a fuel cell vehicle. The design process includes modeling of the control system, vehicle layout, motor operation and overall efficiency. These sub-processes will be fulfilled by using various computer programs.

Design and Modification of A PEM Fuel Cell

Team 7: Mark Schore, John Schuetz
Advisor: Dr. Bose

The project was broken into two parts. The first part was to design a PEM fuel cell stack which addressed current problems associated with this type of fuel cell. The second part was design of the fuel cell stacks fluid management subsystem.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Team 8: Make Manion, Laura Seabarkrob, Luke Swiecicki, Aaron Strickland
Advisor: Dr. Short
Sponsor: C.E.F. Industries

To redesign a hydraulic cylinder for use in a C-130 cargo bay door to be produced in house for C.E.F. Industries.

Rayovac AAA Battery Retray

Team 9: David Coker, Adam Gustafson, Matt Pearson, Arthur Samoylovich
Advisor:Dr. Short
Sponsor: Rayovac

Design a AAA packaging machine capable of filling 7500 ‘Berry Packs’ Per working day. Minimize the number of workers required in the packaging process. The goal was to have 2 or 3 workers operate the machine, while the current manual process has 15 workers involved. Design for retrofit; making the machine capable of packaging 12, 18, 24, and 30 packs of AAA batteries. Make a machine that was cost and maintenance effective.

Rayovac Automated Battery Retrayer

Team 10: Jason Chelbian, Adam Dye, Nolan Olson
Advisor: Dr. Short
Sponsor: Rayovac

Produce a conceptual design for an automated device which re-trays batteries that have been rejected by the AA packaging machine and utilize SolidWorks CAD software to create engineering drawings which will be used to document the entire conceptual design.

Textron Project

Team 11: Shannon Sowers, Nick Stauber, Brain Wagner
Advisor: Dr. Short
Sponsor: Textron