Senior Design Project

May 2002 Senior Project Presentations

Automatic shift actuator for a bicycle

Team 1: Nick Krikonis Mark MlynarczykAdvisor: Dr. Gupta

Objective: The design of an electromechanical set of components that will make the gears to switch automatically.

Description: The replacements of the manual shifting gear of the bicycle with an electric motor that will run on a computer.

CNC Plasma Cutting Table

Team 2: Ian KaminskiAdvisor: Dr. Gupta

Objective: To design and build a CNC machine capable of cutting 2-dimensional parts.

Suction Nozzle Design for Pneumatic Conveyance

Team 3: Darren Simon, James Crockett, Jason KowalczykAdvisor: Dr. GuptaSponsor: Elgin Sweeper Company, Vactor Manufacturing

Objective: The objective of this Senior Design Project is to design, fabricate, test, and ready for production a nozzle, which will effectively increase the usability of existing sewer-cleaning systems manufactured by Vactor Manufacturing. The primary function of the nozzle will be to allow the sewer-cleaning equipment to remove solids from sewer from greater depths than the current system.

Description: The maximum height at which a vacuum can pull a column of water is related to the differential pressure between the reservoir and the vacuum chamber as well as the density of the fluid. In a sewer-cleaning configuration, the reservoir (sewer) is generally at atmospheric pressure and the vacuum chamber(debris tank) contains a vacuum and the density of the fluid is considered to be that of water. In an ideal model of this system, the pressure differential between the two chambers is 33.9ft/H2O. From this relationship, it follows that the (theoretical) maximum height the system could lift water is 33.9 ft. This project will determine if the addition of a nozzle to the system can increase the height which fluid can be lifted, thereby allowing sewer cleaning equipment to reach greater depths. A nozzle or set of nozzles will be designed, fabricated, and tested.


Team 4: Matthew Hrpcha, German LealAdvisor: Dr. GuptaSponsor: Vactor Manufacturing

Objective: The project is to select a self-propelled drive system for the current Vactor hydro-mower and design the interface connections between the driver and the hydro-mower.

Description: N/A