Senior Design Project

December 2005 Senior Project Presentations

Cam Controller Walking Robot

Team 1: Andrew Crow
Advisor: Dr. Song

The project is based on a master’s thesis of Xianonan Wan. The principle is that a shaped track can direct a single rotating leg in a straight line. The robot will be able to walk in a smooth straight line. As of now, no design has employed this principle. The project will take into account strength of material, stability, and power requirements.

Collapsible Shelving System

Team 2: Jennifer Cummings
Advisor: none

The collapsible shelving system is adapted after the model of the military cot. The collapsible shelving system could be a viable addition to military gear as well as stand alone temporary storage. A low production cost is possible due to the selected materials of aluminum tubing and nylon cloth for the shelf surface. The shelves can easily be assembled and disassembled for storage. A prototype model will be built and a thorough study conducted.

Mini Baja Frame

Team 3: Scott Baron, Antico Duke, Mark Franklin
Advisor: Dr. Gupta

Design of a tubular frame with intent to abide by all frame rules set forth by SAE Mini Baja. Criteria for design include a ProE analysis of the frame members in order to improve upon existing design. Safety will be addressed in the form of simulated impacts upon front, side, top, and rear of vehicle frame. Stress concentrations viewed from the ProE analysis will be used to prove the strength of the design. Other criteria included in the design are factors such as comfort, weight reduction, and the use of crumple zones.


Team 4: Samuel Peterson
Advisor: Dr. Gupta
Sponsor: Illinois Tool Works

The BosScrew will have a newly designed thread with small indentations that lock the screw into place when attached to plastic bosses in automotive applications.


Caterpillar 991K Bucket Design

Team 5: Ryan Block
Advisor: David C. Koch
Sponsor: Caterpillar

I am working on the conception and design for a 14CY Spade Nose Rock Bucket designed for Caterpillar’s new 991K Large Wheel Loader. I have been given critical bucket dimensions and specifications that this bucket design must satisfy. The anticipated production release of this machine and bucket are scheduled for 2Q of 2007.

Caterpillar P-Clip Assessment

Team 6: Nicholas Earnest, Jim Weides
Advisor: Dr. Gupta
Sponsor: Caterpillar

Design a method to test the effects of vibration and forces on P-Clips in a simulated typical application. This will involve designing a shaker, in addition to simulating a frame, and typical hose/cable system similar to that which exists on current Caterpillar tractors.

Deaerator Analysis and Design

Team 7: Chad Baggett, Jeremy James, Chris Marasco
Advisor: Dr. Majumdar
Sponsor: Hamilton-Sundstrand

The primary goal is to establish a testing procedure that will accurately gauge one’s deaerator’s performance versus another. Secondary goals include relating data to design parameters, developing design tools, and designing a new dearator.

Redesigning a Self Piercing Rivet Gun

Team 8: Alan Barendregt, Heidie Loudermilk
Advisor: Dr. Gau
Sponsor: Textron

The ESN50 tool was made to fasten two pieces of metal together. It works great but the gun is heavy and bulky. New energy sources will be studied and one will be chosen and proven as an effective energy source.

Nuclear Reactor Inspection Robot

Team 9: Paul Kolenda, Jason Wheeler, Phil White
Advisor: Bill Perchiazzi
Sponsor: Exelon Nuclear

The primary goal of the project is to design and fabricate a robot that is fully functional and to make it ascend and descend a staircase smoothly and successfully so that video feed may be obtained from inside the reacot area of a nuclear power plant.