2005 ME Townhall Meeting Held on March 30th

The annual Mechanical Engineering undergraduate and graduate town hall meeting was successfully held in the EB auditorium on March 30, 2005. Around forty students and seven faculty members attended this meeting. During the meeting, important information such as advising, course offerings, and new advising sheets were presented by Professor Song; SAC and TAC awards were handed out to the current members; Dr. Payvar was announced as the winner of the Service Award selected by ME students last year; Dr. Coller was announced the winner of the Teaching Award selected by ME students last year; new SAC and TAC members were elected, and other student organizations were discussed. Congratulations to Louise Schalasky for being one of the 2005 NIU Outstanding Women Award recipients. Presentations by the ASME, Fuel cell team> Good sandwiches, cookies and drinks were enjoyed by all attendees.