Professor Kostic to deliver Plenary Lecture at WSEAS International Heat Transfer Conference

The 5th WSEAS International Conference on Heat and Mass Transfer will be held in Acapulco, Mexico, January 25-27, 2008.

Kostic’s Plenary Lecture focuses on philosophical and practical aspects of energy, heat and entropy, with emphasis on reversibility and irreversibility, and a goal to establish the concept of ideal “reversible heat transfer,” regardless that heat transfer is a typical irreversible process.

Heat transfer, like any other energy transfer, may be achieved from any-to-any temperature level, and in limit be reversible, if temperature of an intermediary cyclic substance is adjusted as needed, using isentropic compression and expansion. The reversible heat transfer limits are the most efficient and demonstrate limiting potentials for practical heat transfer processes. Heat transfer and thermal energy are unique and universal manifestation of all natural and artificial (man-made) processes, and thus are vital for more efficient cooling and heating in new and critical applications, including energy production and utilization, environmental control and cleanup, and bio-medical applications.

Professor Kostic's teaching and research interests are in Thermodynamics (a science of energy, the Mother of All Sciences), Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and related fluid-thermal-energy sciences; with emphases on physical comprehension and creative design, experimental methods with computerized data acquisition, and CFD simulation; including nanotechnology and development of new-hybrid, POLY-nanofluids with enhanced properties, as well as design, analysis and optimization of fluids-thermal-energy components and systems in power-conversion, utilizations, manufacturing and material processing.

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