Kent Foster Receives 2004 Outstanding Alumni Award

Kent Foster, a 1992 graduate of the ME department, works for Caterpillar. The following is a message from the ME chair:

Dear Kent,

We are excited about the news that you have received the Outstanding NIU Alumni Award this year. We feel especially proud for you as you are our ME graduate of 1992 Class. Throughout the years, you have excelled in Caterpillar and helped to establish a strong Caterpillar-NIU ME work relationship through senior design projects, co-op/internship program, IAB meetings, job hiring and cash and equipment donations. With the support of many Caterpillar's cash donations, the SAE has become one of the most successful student organizations in the college. The award is a suitable recognition for what NIU has benefited from this long-term work relationship.

Congratulations for this well deserving award. We look forward to more interactions between NIU and Caterpillar.

I am bcc to all ME graduate and undergraduate students so that they can be proud of an outstanding ME alumni as well as being part of a great ME Department.

Sincerely yours,

Shin-Min (Simon) Song
Professor and Chair