NIU Formula SAE places 19th of 108 teams in 2007 competition

Design: 38th
Cost: 4th
Presentation: 64th
Skid Pad: 31st
Acceleration: 23rd
Autocross: 14th
Endurance: 21st
Overall: 19th of 108 teams

Mike Schultz concentrates as the first teams start the autocross course

It was a very good week for the NIU Formula SAE team. The week started slowly with the static events – design, cost, and presentation. NIU placed 4th in cost, which was its best placement in that event yet. The next day was skidpad, acceleration, and autocross. The weather was perfect for the day which is always a miracle in Michigan. The car made its way through all of the events smoothly. On Saturday, the endurance event was held. NIU was 14th in line after the top teams in the autocross event. The first driver, Jeff Niswander, made it through his first 11 laps and pulled in for the driver change where Kevin Benoit took over and finished his 11 laps with ease. Only about 33% of teams finished the endurance this year, and this is the first time in seven years NIU has finished the endurance event. NIU placed higher than all other Illinois schools overall.

Erik Gotlund practices getting out of the car in less than 5 seconds

We have many plans for the car this summer. For one, we plan on doing many autocrosses to train our drivers for next years competition. Also, we are planning on making appearances at all of our local sponsors to show our support of your con-tributions. If any of our sponsors have specific dates they want the car to be there, send us an email at We have also started the designing for the 2008 car and that will continue throughout the summer so that we can start building by the end of summer.